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Shipping world-wide from Ottawa, ON, Canada. Linux available with every model.
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Your custom computer building tool of choice. We offer affordable systems built from the most highly trusted brand-name parts, and we'd love to help you choose the computer that's the best fit for your work or play.

With our online system configuring tool you can choose from a huge number of parts, and you can customize your next system worry-free, without speaking to anyone. Don't be afraid to try it, if the form lets you select a combination of parts, it means they are all compatible. You may notice that selecting certain parts causes some options below to appear or hide. That is the configuration tool doing its thing to make sure your selections are all compatible with each other.

If you're overwhelmed by all the choices, check out the Recommended Models section for a curated list of system configurations which you can buy as-is, or use as a starting point when customizing your next system. If you'd like advice or help with selecting components, head over to the Support section for details on how to contact us.

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